What is the future of Delta’s Breast Cancer One?

Delta Air Lines is a long-time supporter of breast cancer research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Perhaps there is no more visible a sign of that support than the 767-400, affectionately known as “Breast Cancer One,” which the carrier flies around in a pink livery.


Alas, that livery is to be no more. The 764 rolled in to the paint shop last week and will emerge in the regular paint scheme the carrier operates. That was first reported on Twitter and a Delta spokesman confirmed that things are changing.


And here’s where it gets interesting. The company has announced a celebration flight from JFK to Mexico City on 1 October 2015. The current timetable shows a 757 on the route for that day, but it is also unlikely that the company wants to use the scheduled flight for that celebratory trip. Plus, a source is suggesting that the special aircraft will remain as a 767-400, just with a new paint job.

Turns out that’s exactly what happened. A new hybrid livery has been spotted out of the paint shop in Atlanta this week. No more bright pink tail, but still the pink ribbon on board. No word on when the official unveiling will be, but expect to see the new livery out in the Delta route network soon enough.

The new Delta Breast Cancer One pulling out of the paint shop this morning
The new Delta Breast Cancer One pulling out of the paint shop this morning (Photo by A. Ciasullo)

Finally, because I can, a movie Delta put out about last year’s special trip:

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