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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    I think you might be missing an important nuance here: sure, “managed inclusion” is dead, but won’t the TSA just keep shoving masses of randomly chosen “regular” flyers into the Pre Check lines at the last minute?” It’s not managed inclusion, obviously, but it does keep the Pre Check lines full.

    Or am I the one missing something?

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    It’s not a good deal at all, definitely. Flew out of Minneapolis on Sunday and their TSA Pre-Check lane was not being staffed. Was told to get into regular line, which looked around 20-30 minutes long. Ugh.

    After starting down into the line, I turned around to ask if any other security checkpoints had the TSA Pre-Check going — was told no. Thankfully, at the moment another agent was walking up and told this other agent to go ahead and let us through the TSA Pre-Check line, if only to bypass the longer regular line. Seemed fair — we did pay for it after all!

    I just hope this doesn’t become the norm.

  3. Scott C
    Scott C at |

    I finally bit the bullet and paid for my whole family 3 months ago. Althought I get 2 GE credits for free but the other two aren’t. Now they are going to kill one of the true benefits that I paid for. Nice job TSA!

  4. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    This is exactly what I’ve noticed. Too often at small airports and large I present my PreCheck boarding pass only to hear “We don’t have PreCheck at this checkpoint”; “PreCheck isn’t open right now”; or they may channel me ahead of non-PreCheck members but then require me to go through the whole liquids and shoes and laptop mess. What exactly did people pay for?

  5. Pam
    Pam at |

    Passing through Atlanta last month they’re check lane at international arrivals was closed at 4pm. Very frustrating after paying for the privilege.

  6. Sice
    Sice at |

    It seems like they’re making this all harder than it really needs to be. Time to focus on the process and not just the direction of the line ropes.