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  1. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    The comment about airline as lifestyle brand is interesting — It seems to me like Delta’s new commercial of “why we fly” kind’ve lends itself toward trying to broach the topic… Still a long ways off from Pan Am though.

  2. Christian
    Christian at |

    Sounds like ideas from Chuck Liddell.

    1. Better By Design
      Better By Design at |

      Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

  3. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    I would be much more likely to check a bag if:

    A. I knew my bag would actually make it onto the same plane I’m on.
    B. The baggage handling system didn’t cause damage to my luggage – and I’m talking sturdy, FA-type bags, nothing frou-frou. I’ve watched baggage handlers damage a wheelchair that was stuck on a rail by tugging on it until the arm bent, rather than walking 5 feet to put it properly on the conveyor.
    C. I wasn’t standing anxiously by a carousel for up to an hour waiting for my bag to show up, wondering if someone has taken it, whether by mistake or on purpose.

    Yes, I recognize that not all of these issue are under the control of the airline, but the bottom line of a successful airline is to move people in a way that makes the feel comfortable. Doing away with carry-on bags without addressing the reasons behind a passenger’s unwillingness to check those bags is a problem.