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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    THANK YOU! The problem with UA isn’t the branding, or the livery, or whether or not someone likes the new meals on board, or the frequent flyer program. Sure, I get some folks have left because they don’t like how MileagePlus has changed. Those passengers probably weren’t the most valuable to begin with. Fix the labor issues, which cost money and lead to poor customer service, and fix the operational reliability, and you’ve fixed the major reasons why UA is not performing well. Then they can focus on the feel good, fluffy stuff, like the branding. Otherwise, a new livery and some better food on board is just lipstick on an unreliable pig that can’t get you where you need to go on time. That’s what drove me away, and what has driven away several of my coworkers who used to fly UA and nobody else.

    And, honestly, if you look at the Continental Go Forward plan from 20 years ago, two of the four pillars in it refer to labor relations and operational reliability. And nothing in it refers to the frequent flyer program or livery. Sure, those were things they dealt with too, but they weren’t the focus.

  2. MilesMath
    MilesMath at |

    I agree. While United MileagePlus program isn’t great, what ultimately drove me away was the poor operational reliability (eg long delays when DL flights to the same destination were still on time) followed by a declining product and in-flight experience. If they spend money and effort on improving reliability and employee morale, customers will follow.

  3. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Good post. It’s almost cringe-worthy reading some of the posts on FT and some other blogs, with what people think should/could happen. I don’t see any “frequent flyer friendly” changes to (or changes back to old ways in) MileagePlus simply because of this. Let’s hope their performance and reliability start heading in the right direction for now.

  4. joelfreak
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    Thanks Seth, this is logic. We ALL would like UA to become the next 5* airline, but first it has to become a reliable airline. THEN it can work on adding the bells and whistles.

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    I wonder if United will eventually be given some some sort of penalty for it’s CEO’s actions. Perhaps they will be forced to give up a bunch of slots at EWR or just pay a large fine.