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  1. Sice
    Sice at |

    Agreed, seems like an attempt at some hype. Plus I really don’t enjoy the new milepoint, the performance times alone of the forums is terrible and the layout leaves a lot to be desired. Makes me wonder if they left the UI/UX design up to the programmers or if they overpaid for a UI/UX designer…

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Just not something I can get excited about. So far the MP->IF switch has been a lot of sizzle and not a lot of steak.

  3. AK
    AK at |

    I have a feeling that a huge LM devaluation is coming our way. I’m definitely sitting out on this one!!

  4. tom
    tom at |

    Do not trust LM. Would not surprise me to see a conversion to a revenue award model at 1cpm or worse in the next few months. That would represent a 33% loss at these figures.

  5. Topgunner
    Topgunner at |

    Seth, you are usually the most detail oriented and accurate blogger on such matters, but how have you calculated the cost for US members? I see others highlighting the fact that the price is $33/1,000. Are you casting doubt on the claim or unconvinced by the promoters?

  6. Topgunner
    Topgunner at |

    By the way, I registered for the IF promo and went and checked via my US based LM account.



  7. AwardBee
    AwardBee at |

    When I go online to buy, it shows $3300 for 250,000 miles, about 1.32cpm. There is no excise tax for US buyers, that’s why it’s just $3300. Yes, it’s a lot of money but might be ideal for someone with a lot of international travel coming up. If Lifemiles flights were as easy to book as United or Aeroplan I’d bite in a heartbeat, but what gives me pause is how many flights don’t show up on their website. And even when the flights do show up you might not be able to book them… I’ve had to email them and wait for their support team to manually book it and call me, which usually happens during an inconvenient time in the middle of the day.

  8. Sergei
    Sergei at |

    My numbers are also $3300/100k+150k.
    I found that I could actually get myself to Europe and back using LM next June/July in relative comfort.
    While AC/United and others show me nothing in Business. LifeMiles offered me Business from SFO via Bogota to LHR and from FRA( or CDG) back via Seoul(!) for 63k each way w/o any fuel surcharges. That is some funky routing, but why not. I know that BUS seat to Seoul sucks and the total travel times are long, but I could barely find any economy, forget business in other *A programs at this point. I guess I could wait till next May/June and hope for the openings in the last two weeks before I travel, but then Aeroplan will be devalued already.

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