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  1. patricia
    patricia at |

    on a separate note, has the Star alliance award alerts been fixed, ever since the ANA system change ? thanks.

  2. Michael
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  3. turgutbey
    turgutbey at |

    This is awesome! Your alerts have helped me snag seats when they’ve opened on several occasions. Bummer about *A. I started using award nexus for *A alerts, but its pretty expensive and not as good as your system for doing alerts on multiple individual segments.

  4. Gaurav
    Gaurav at |

    When I go to the OneWorld award search page and click on Search Now, I get a message saying “coming soon, I hope”. Is this because I haven’t signed up for the monthly plan yet? Thanks.

    1. Gaurav
      Gaurav at |

      Seth, you’re probably busy but could you please confirm that the tool is working? Just want to make sure before I sign up for a subscription. Thanks in advance.