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  1. Jim A
    Jim A at |

    $20,000 CAD is about $14,900 USD. Not too far off Star partner United asking for $12,000 spend for its 1K level.

  2. Scott
    Scott at |

    You might want to change Elite 100K. It is called SuperElite 100K to be more precise.

  3. Stannis
    Stannis at |

    Clearly UA MP is the best play now for Canadians who fly AC a lot. No CPU on AC anyways, eUp credits require $$ fare class, and Aeroplan is about to have another annual devaluation. Plus earn more useful United miles that never have YQ, and skip the EQD min spend as a non-resident. Even if you are a true Super Elite flying on shareholder money, you’ll get more miles from UA revenue-based system.

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