The KLM 787 Inaugural to Nowhere

The KLM 787-9 over Dutch Tulip Fields (image courtesy of KLM)

KLM has (finally) announced a schedule for its first 787 flight. The carrier is offering a “Welcome Flight” deal for 22 November 2015 where it will operate 3 different hour-long flights from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport so passengers can get a feel for what the aircraft is like:

You can experience all the new features and technological breakthroughs while enjoying the very latest interior, entertainment system, and catering.

Alas, only 500 seats for sale and no guarantee on which of the three flights passengers will be assigned to. Plus, by the time I got to the website early this morning it was swamped and only intermittently even had one seat available at the 149euro rate. By the time you read this I’m guessing there will be zero for sale.

The KLM 787-9 over Dutch Tulip Fields (image courtesy of KLM)
The KLM 787-9 over Dutch Tulip Fields (image courtesy of KLM)

Still, it is nice to finally see the first flight date fixed on the schedule. There have been a couple false starts with commercial flights loaded on at earlier dates and then pushed back; this timing, just three weeks hence, seems to be a pretty solid chance of operating as announced, with further scheduled service to follow.

Following updates filed in the GDS platforms this weekend it appears that the first commercial service will be to Abu Dhabi on 23 November with Dubai to follow a week after and Rio another week later.

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