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  1. Adam
    Adam at |

    Good on you, both on being polite & professional in what could have been an especially tense situation, and on making some folks’ day with the Halloween candy.

    I’ve often thought of giving some chocolates to airport/flight folks, but worried that they’d have safety concerns :\.

    Though one time I gave a chamomile teabag to an ANA flight attendant. I had brought some chamomile tea to soothe my stomach, and she was mesmerized by the smell of it. I had one teabag left and gave it to her, and by the look on her face, you’d think I’d have just given her something far more valuable. Even as I deplaning, she smiled and thanked me for “the gift.” Imagine if I’d given her an actually decent gift! :O

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  3. The Value Traveler (@ValueTravelerOz)
    The Value Traveler (@ValueTravelerOz) at |

    My guess is, if that was me with the GoPro, I would’ve been in cuffs in no time, and being asked ” whats the capital of Oregon?” …but kudos for you handling it like the pro that you are!