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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    Any chance this 772 is the burnt BA frame at LAS?

  2. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Leeham News says this is a run-out 772 owned by Boeing Capital Corp.

  3. golfingboy
    golfingboy at |

    Word is the 777 purchase does not come with the engines or interior. This combined with DL’s recent purchase of 20 739ERs (we will give you a knockoff price for that 777 if you order more 737s), if the lack of engine/interior information is accurate, the $7.7 million price tag will make a lot of sense.

    I see very little upside for both Delta and Boeing with Delta bragging obnoxiously about this deal. You got a plane for $7.7 million that you can eke out a nice profit margin by reselling the parts or save a decent chunk of money replacing parts on your own plane. The “win” will be reflected on the balance sheet and pat yourself on the back then move on to the next thing. Richard Anderson is a lot like Akbar Baker when it comes to seeking attention.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Boeing will be more firm when a MRO contract comes up or when DL tries to order more planes through Boeing. Hey, when you burn a strong business partner of 50+ years, expect the cozy relationship to become a colder one.

    1. Glen
      Glen at |

      I did ask the question yesterday did these 777 come with engines and no one answered. Of course the engines won’t be cheap and adding a interior will be in the 100,000s as well I am sure. Do you know how many they bought ?

  4. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    772 interior refurb costs 7-8 million US$ itself.