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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    How much money left on the card? :p The card itself looks beautiful!

  2. Mark
    Mark at |

    Apostrophe s?

  3. John
    John at |


  4. Ben
    Ben at |

    How many points does it take for a flight on the rafflecopter?

  5. Darin
    Darin at |

    Nice gift Seth, someone is really going to love it. It was priced a bit too rich for my blood, but I’m sure it will find a good home. Happy Holidays!

  6. Brad
    Brad at |

    Love he blog

  7. Craig
    Craig at |

    I think that card looks great!

  8. Susan Moskowitz
    Susan Moskowitz at |

    What a nice thing you are doing. Thank you seth.

  9. Joe
    Joe at |

    Very cool giveaway! I flew many segments on the old DC-9’s right up until their retirement.

  10. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Looks awesome! 🙂

  11. Steve Larson
    Steve Larson at |

    That’s a great gift! Thanks!

  12. sherry
    sherry at |

    How did I become such a geek.

  13. Marlene
    Marlene at |

    That is awesome! I hope I win!! 🙂

  14. tiffany
    tiffany at |

    enter me, please!

  15. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I’m a geek too so it’s all good!

  16. Tampa traveler
    Tampa traveler at |

    Like to win

  17. Edward
    Edward at |

    Not a lot of original 9’s still flying. Most are in the ad hoc freight fleet now. I have some recent pics of one sitting on the ramp in Fort Lauderdale waiting for her next load.

  18. Rob
    Rob at |

    Guess I have to enter this contest 🙂

  19. Don
    Don at |

    Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  20. Jeremy DL
    Jeremy DL at |

    The day I don’t throw my hat in the ring for a piece of a DC-9 is a sad, sad day.

  21. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    Awesome giveaway, Seth. Hopefully, I win!

  22. Barry Goldberg
    Barry Goldberg at |

    I would like the gift card

  23. Paul
    Paul at |

    I am not as big a dork (nerd, AvGeek) as you, but I’d still like the card.

  24. Blake
    Blake at |

    Good stuff!

  25. Dan
    Dan at |

    Awesome gift card!

  26. Robin
    Robin at |

    I must be a dork too, because that’s a cool card!

  27. Allan Gamble
    Allan Gamble at |

    I’d take the card without any $ left on it!

  28. Owen
    Owen at |

    Thanks, Seth. Have a merry Christmas!

  29. JAXBA
    JAXBA at |

    Oooh, pick me, pick me! Please? Very generous of you Seth!

  30. Andrew C
    Andrew C at |

    Awesome, thanks!

  31. Harrison
    Harrison at |

    Absolutely love this, thanks so much for being so generous! Happy Holidays!

  32. Paul
    Paul at |


  33. @GeeEmm
    @GeeEmm at |

    Nice little piece of avgeek history right there.

  34. James K.
    James K. at |

    I deserve it because my wife says I’m the cutest

  35. Bruce
    Bruce at |

    Happy holidays and a GREAT 2016 to you!

  36. Sice
    Sice at |

    Nearly bought one, need me one!

  37. Alex
    Alex at |

    I would really apprecite it. Thx

  38. Chris
    Chris at |


  39. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I would so love this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Josh
    Josh at |

    Nice looking card!

  41. rick
    rick at |

    What a great piece of history!

  42. Ygor
    Ygor at |

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂

  43. Michael
    Michael at |

    That card is beautiful

  44. jon
    jon at |

    great gift! hope I get lucky

  45. CycloneHog
    CycloneHog at |

    Would make for a great Christmas gift.

  46. Benjamin Granucci
    Benjamin Granucci at |

    Free is good!! And bonus points for using an avgeek themed raffle service!

  47. Christian
    Christian at |

    Thanks for the contest

  48. Jim F.
    Jim F. at |

    You’re not a dork; you’re just an avgeek. This card — although pricier than warranted — is, in the end, a piece of aviation history. It would find a good — and permanent — home with me should I be lucky enough to be chosen. And thanks for thinking of your readers.

  49. Randy Waskul
    Randy Waskul at |

    That’s awesome!

  50. Mike
    Mike at |

    This is so cool. Thanks!

  51. Jared
    Jared at |

    Wow. If the card was made from a Northwest DC-9 (my first plane to fly in), then winning this card would be even more awesome for me! Big commercial aviation nerd over here, and thanks for all of your postings that I keep finding myself reading. Whenever you need a travel assistant, hire me. Winning this DC-9 memorabilia would make my holiday. Thanks Seth.

  52. LeeAnn Ho
    LeeAnn Ho at |

    You’re the cutest aeroporn geek I know. Nice giveaway 🙂

  53. Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez at |

    What a unique gift!

  54. Rob
    Rob at |

    Between this or the Red Rider BB Gun…I want the card!

  55. Adam Verdoorn
    Adam Verdoorn at |


  56. Karen
    Karen at |

    Really cool! I just discovered Plane Tags made from fuselage and have bought a bunch as gifts for family.

  57. Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray at |

    That’s very generous of you, Seth! I hope the winner appreciates the card properly, it’s a piece of history.

  58. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    Wow – you must really be in a holiday mood.. I volunteer gladly to take it if noone else does. 🙂

  59. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    A Delta relic like this really need to stay in Atlanta .. 😉

  60. David FIsher
    David FIsher at |

    Seth, if I win, I’ll use the DL $50 credit towards a DCA-JFK ticket and come visit you in NYC!

  61. Brian B
    Brian B at |

    Petty neat card!

  62. Dave C
    Dave C at |

    Yes, please : -)

  63. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    Count me as another avgeek. I remember flying in a DC-9, back when you got dressed up to fly.

  64. Mike W
    Mike W at |

    Generous giveaway! Thanks!

  65. Diane
    Diane at |

    Pick me!

  66. CnMAZ
    CnMAZ at |

    That was a cool idea to make a gift card out of. Love the picture frames made out of plane windows as well (but not the price tag!).

  67. Elizabeth Williamson
    Elizabeth Williamson at |

    I like planes!

  68. Mikeike
    Mikeike at |

    I’d take the card with a zero balance!

  69. Alan Dickey
    Alan Dickey at |

    More is more.

  70. Atif
    Atif at |

    Very good example of recycling! 🙂

  71. P.L
    P.L at |

    Omg I’d love to get that! I used to work at nwa and then Delta. I got a piece of the red tail when leaving nwa but have nothing commemorative from Delta!

  72. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    I had to get one of these gift cards, but I just couldn’t swing it financially. Be a nice Xmas gift though.

  73. TJ
    TJ at |

    Sure could use that

  74. TJ
    TJ at |

    Sure could use that!

  75. Clare N
    Clare N at |

    I’d like to win the gift card!

  76. Peter
    Peter at |

    Love the podcast!

  77. Bill G
    Bill G at |

    Very generous, nice card! Good luck everyone.

  78. Eric M. Monte
    Eric M. Monte at |

    Huge Fan! 😛

  79. Matt
    Matt at |

    I’m in! Much appreciated!

  80. Doug
    Doug at |

    Very generous offer, would love to win, and happy to pay the card value forward!

  81. Moses
    Moses at |

    Always enjoyed your posts. Would love to get my hand on aviation history.

  82. John
    John at |

    Would be a GREAT Christmas gift!

  83. r hirsch
    r hirsch at |

    would be a great way to start 2016!

  84. Austin
    Austin at |

    Great post!

  85. marty
    marty at |

    This is very generous of you.

  86. dubaych
    dubaych at |

    I would enjoy that.

  87. Chris
    Chris at |

    Way cool. Count me in.

  88. Cliburn
    Cliburn at |

    Nice swag. I’m in.

  89. theBOAT
    theBOAT at |

    It will make a nice birthday present for my dad

  90. Indi
    Indi at |

    What a lovely Christmas Idea-Yes Please!!

  91. pablo
    pablo at |

    I want one

  92. Ruben FF
    Ruben FF at |

    Nice giveaway!?

    Happy holidays! ?

  93. IDGflygirl
    IDGflygirl at |

    Cool — what a fun giveaway!

  94. Ben
    Ben at |

    I like turtles.

  95. Brian
    Brian at |

    Me! Me! Computer, pick me!

  96. Ben
    Ben at |

    Please count me in as a NWA turned Delta junkie!

  97. DrDoctor
    DrDoctor at |

    Wow, this is a really nice offer, would like to include myself in the drawing list

  98. Javier
    Javier at |

    Looks like a nice gift!

  99. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Awesome giveaway, thanks.

  100. Colin
    Colin at |

    This is such a neat idea!

  101. Brendan K
    Brendan K at |

    Hi, really enjoy the blog. This would be a great giveaway to win.

  102. Erik
    Erik at |

    Those cards look awesome!

  103. CS Hsia
    CS Hsia at |

    Long time reader and fan, guess an entry is a must.

  104. Steve
    Steve at |

    If you pick me, you won’t need to bother with shipping! 🙂

  105. Brian
    Brian at |

    Would love this! Long live the DC-9

  106. Eddie
    Eddie at |

    Man, I thought about getting one too. Would love to win one!

  107. Ali
    Ali at |

    Awesome. Saw your original Twitter post when they first appeared for sale. Was def intrigued!