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  1. Bryce G
    Bryce G at |

    I’m bummed for selfish reasons. T-Mobile gives me free in-flight texting on all Gogo-equipped flights. I travel a lot and LOVE that feature on any flight 3.5hrs or longer. I would sorely miss that if it went away.

    The good news (I think) is that I’d imagine that if ViaSat were selected, it wouldn’t exactly be an overnight transition…

  2. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    Does AA’s timing having anything to do with Viasat having a firm launch window (Q1 2017) for Viasat-2, announced a week or two ago? Are they doing this in public to help Viasat’s public profile with investors (VSAT +12% today)? Does this help them attract new investment? Improve their bond rating?

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