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  1. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    As of 1/1/2016, prosecco is complimentary at United Clubs.

    Also, this expansion could be part of the effort for OTG to add a restaurant inside the lounge, which was previously announced with the OTG changes. If we want to further extrapolate, could this be the sign that they are also adding a GFL/area to EWR? One can wish.

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    I believe the restaurant in the lounge space was (or is) supposed to be a Marc Forgione concept called “Classified”, to be run by OTG. My understanding is that it will only be accessible through the United Club but otherwise will be no different than the rest of the OTG options, with a marginally higher-quality selection and the same inflated prices.

  3. Greg
    Greg at |

    There will be more substantial food in that Newark club when it’s expanded.

    Whether it will just be for select customers is another question.

  4. Steven
    Steven at |

    Hopefully they’ll also finally fix the electrical outlets in some of the work stations that have been broken and a fire hazard for years, too.