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  1. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Just do a hidden city… 😉

  2. Eric
    Eric at |

    I understand there is a transfer option between the two Bangkok airports. I’d check the website for BKK for details.

    Also the train running between Bangkok and Chaing Mai has a stop at Don Mueang.

    1. BC
      BC at |

      The train to DMK is totally unreliable. I wouldn’t bank on that one. There’s a bus between DMK and BKK which could be utilized. The advantage is that it would be cheaper than a taxi. The disadvantage is that it wouldn’t be any faster in a taxi with BKK traffic.

      1. BC
        BC at |

        Oh, can also take Airport link -> BTS to Mo Chit -> Taxi to DMK (or vice versa).

        Would help with about 75% of the traffic. Getting to/from Mo Chit is tricky these days as one of the parallel routes to the Don Mueang expressway has lanes closed for the BTS expansion to the northern suburbs.

        (My wife grew up ~10 min from DMK and very familiar with the area.)

  3. George
    George at |

    I think the other point is that Malaysian airlines tickets are cheap, because of all the financial problems and lost planes.

    Looking four weeks out at flights on majors from ORD to BWI, which is about the same distance, it would cost you $200-$280 for a non-stop. So 7,500 avios and $70 might seem more reasonable.