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  1. Robert F
    Robert F at |

    It sounds like the central problem is lack of an escalation process, or perhaps the need to consolidate and track your case via the many avenues you attempted. That is, when you try support avenue #3, the agent should see what happened after you tried techniques #1 & #2. But that’s pretty tricky when an OTA and an airline have their own separate support mechanisms.

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Is there a reason you’re withholding the name of the airline and OTA involved? There’s no deal left to protect, and it’s not useful to read about customer service shortcomings if we don’t know who was involved. Basically, without names, this is just a random story of vague actors failing to provide customer service.

    I’m not sure about others, but your blog is valuable to me (and I appreciate your effort in making it that way) because it provides data points that I can take into consideration when making travel decisions. With no data here, we may as well be talking about an experience with a sale at store in the mall, making this of little value.

    1. Andrew
      Andrew at |

      Adding that I just noticed you said “Saudia” in the description of the e-ticket photo, which I missed the first time around – but even knowing that still doesn’t really help.

  3. William Schelling
    William Schelling at |

    The benefit to most of the readers is knowing who you were dealing with. That is the information that benefits the reader, and always makes me feel better. For example I had a similar experience with Orbitz years ago on a fare to NZ, which they turned out not honoring. I had also purchased trip insurance through the site. They refunded the price of the ticket promptly enough, but told me the insurance wasn’t refundable and I begged to differ with them. Finally after several hours on the phone I got it resolved,but won’t use them to this day.
    The adage in Customer Service is that the customer shares a good experience with an average of two people, with a bad experience they share it with an average of eight, I try to beat the average

  4. Jens F
    Jens F at |

    Issuing agent: 11617270 – that is Expedia’s IATA code 😉

  5. Deltahater
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    I have had similar problems with that OTA. On a recent LH DFW-FRA flight I had a ticketing issue. I called Expedia from the airport ticket counter only to be told that LH does not work on Saturdays and I need to call back on a Monday. Never mind that my flight was leaving in 2 hours time. Expedia and Priceline, have the world’s worse customer service. I’d rather call the IRS than these guys, seriously. IRS agents are generally professional, speak good English and are clear on what they can and cannot do.

    Just for fun a quick glance at my conversation with the Expedia rep:

    Me: The airline told me my flight coupons are out of sequence. Can you help me?
    XP: You want to apply a coupon to the reservation?
    Me: The airline told me my flight coupons are out of sequence. Can you help me?
    XP: How much is the value of the coupon?
    Me: Can you please look at my reserveration? PNR is XXXXX
    XP: Let me consult my resources…3 mins later. What coupon do you want to apply?
    Me: Never mind. Can I get a refund on my service fee you charged?
    XP: You want to refund your ticket?
    Me: Thank you and have great day.

    OTAs are a necessary evil, but boy if somebody would start an OTA with halfway decent service, Priceline, expedia and the like would go under in no time