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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    As someone who is pretty fiercely loyal to Starwood, but also to Marriott (just to a somewhat lesser degree), I’d almost rather have the acquisition go to Marriott than an unknown Chinese insurance company. At least there I feel like I know what to expect. Marriott’s executives have said a lot of the right things about the combination, particularly with regards to the loyalty program. How they execute it remains to be seen, but at least they’ve acknowledged the differences, and the areas where Starwood is particularly strong. With Anbang, who knows what to expect. They’re not a hotel company. I feel like those who say Anbang is the right choice solely on the basis of addiction to SPG as it exists today are in denial, because there’s little reason to believe an outside investment firm is going to leave everything as-is. You make a good point with Hilton HHonors and TPG. To me the Anbang option seems like a lot of frequent flyers who ran to AA and made them sound like the best airline ever when DL and UA devalued, only to then watch the same thing happen at AA once their merger with US had progressed to a point where the company could address the loyalty program.

  2. Ryan
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    I’m with @Steven. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.

  3. George
    George at |

    I know this is a blog, so it’s fine to have unconfirmed speculation, etc. And you may be right about a mistaken Marriott AirBnB strategy, etc.

    But to support your statement “But the strangest assertion I read and heard in the presentation…” with a tweet from one Seth Miller that says “that’s what Marriott seems to think” is both lazy and dishonest- next time, Take a photo of the presentation or at least get a quote from someone other than yourself!