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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    The best part is the ‘connecting traffic’ bit. No businessperson will fly ISP-BWI-TTN when they could fly nonstop ISP-PHL

    Also, regarding BWI-TTN: Hourly service is not needed. One can take the train from Trenton to Baltimore in 90 minutes, usually operating hourly or less (a couple trains are ~90 minutes apart), from 4a-11p. Even assuming there was traffic for an hourly flight, there is no room at Trenton for an hourly flight as long as Frontier is there.

    Honestly, their Russia plan was much more compelling and more likely to turn a profit than this one.

  2. Adam
    Adam at |

    Similarly, no one is going to fly ALB-BWI-ISP, when you could take a train from ALB-NYP in under 2.5 hours

  3. Baltiaholic
    Baltiaholic at |

    Makes less sense than the original ‘business plan’, if that is even possible.

  4. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    I wish ISP would stop being taken advantage of by these fly by night airlines. It deserves so much better.

  5. Steven
    Steven at |

    Are these people high, crazy, or just pulling your leg?

    1. Greg
      Greg at |

      See Seth’s earlier post about the SEC investigation

      1. Steven
        Steven at |

        Oh, I’ve read it.

  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    Makes sense that they would now try to scam entire communities and airports out of money. They have tapped into individuals for years, now they need a demographic to hit. Anyone who believes a word that Baltia utters is a complete fool.

  7. Rolphtonair
    Rolphtonair at |

    What is the source, or who is the source of the comments. Is it from the company or a source inside the FAA? Without the context, it is simply a blog without substance.

    1. mysterymeat
      mysterymeat at |

      Baltia always has and always will be without substance.

  8. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    I think my favorite part is addressing you as “Mr. Arameans”

  9. Stahler
    Stahler at |

    This is great news and proves that Baltia management have the funding, knowledge base and energy to get the airline flying within 36 months.

    1. Really?
      Really? at |

      ‘Striving’ for another three years and how many more $ millions and billions of shares?

      Next FINRA disciplinary case in the making?

    2. Joey Bagodonuts
      Joey Bagodonuts at |

      What is 36 months in the grand scheme of things? It has been 27 years so far, that would make it an even 30 years. If they manage to get a plane off the ground with paying customers they could make it special – Baltia Airlines 30th anniversary first flight. Wouldn’t that be special. They could call one aircraft the Spirit of Igor, the other Clare de Loon. Of course Stahler likes it, he has in impeccable track record. Maybe he could take over as finance, oh, wait, he can’t. You have to have and keep your license to do that.

      1. Really?
        Really? at |

        Ironic that the BAL/T/I/A RJ100 story is getting more coverage than Unsuitable Striving and FBI Brad’s 20,000 page investigatory report on FAA malfeasance. Oh, that’s right, it was all a fabrication, wasn’t it? Pity the whale. Lost to FAA then harpooned by CVC. Who will pay to restock the koi pond?

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  11. Zack Rules
    Zack Rules at |

    Boy, these guys keep picking the absolute worst aircraft, it almost seems intentional. Their museum piece 747 had four engines so not the Avro? No American carrier has operated those for at least a decade. And competing against Southwest and Amtrak, doomed to fail seems too generous.

  12. Pete
    Pete at |

    Delusional. Simply delusional. I worked in YIP and we watched them fail evac test after evac test. One of which they tried to do with the a/c pressurized and a f/a ended up getting injured. I fully believe that they failed these tests on purpose (the injury was an accident) so that they never would get an operating certificate and could continue to get people to invest in the dumpster fire that is Baltia. By failing over and over they could preserve the illusion that they were trying to get the airline certified.

    Baltia is a joke. Their penny stock is a scam. They will never fly a segment, and anyone who gives them money is a fool.

    1. Really?
      Really? at |

      Baltia shills now being totally trolled:

      “Posted On: 03/26/2016 4:21:00 PM

      Posted By: just a learner
      Re: Dischino #25895

      I was referring mostly to comments on the other board by so called credible people who said things like “we will be in proving flights by June”. “I have trusted sources so I know” and “there is only one guy in DC who we are waiting for to sign off on the pass.” “He is on vacation.” “When he comes back we’re sure he will sign off.” “All the others in DC approved.” Come on. That was many months ago. It obviously was not true. Also, one guy even said that his trusted sources told him we had a pass. That one I knew was false because he sounded pathetic to me. That one was the one that woke me up and I got out before even waiting to see if he was telling the truth. I was strung along by the “trusted sources” line mostly. The people I trusted on the board turned out to be wrong. This was a good lesson in trusting message board posts no matter how credible the posters are made out to be. So many of the ones who were against Baltia were obviously not telling the truth to the point of ridiculousness. That made me think the positive posters must be the truthful ones. Obviously I should not have trusted either side. I don’t see any credible information from anywhere right now that makes me think this stock is going up any time soon. That includes statements from Baltia. I still think they may make it someday. Someday it may be a good play. Right now I’m in other things that look much better to me.”