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  1. Boraxo
    Boraxo at |

    I will go out on a limb and say that I don’t think this is 100% driven by revenue. As you note few of us really require 3 bags per person even for a long vacation, so this is more about disincentivizing people from filling up the hold. Extra bags cost the airline money for extra labor, longer turns, and of course extra fuel. The biggest losers here are really the corporate travelers to trade shows and the wealthy celebrities who can’t be bothered to pack light. Ironically neither will feel the pinch or be disincentivized.

    In any case this is the type of “giveback” that most of us are happy to accept because it is unlikely to affect us.

  2. Hajime Sano
    Hajime Sano at |

    One more group that could be impacted are athletes. Some sports require more baggage than others.

    Many amateur cyclists, hockey players, speed skaters, etc… will be footing the extra fees. And even Olympians in many sports are already living below the poverty line chasing their dream. They will be impacted the most.

    1. HoustonRobert
      HoustonRobert at |

      Good point but most amateur athletes don’t fly in premium cabins.

      1. Hajime Sano
        Hajime Sano at |

        You are right about that- most amateur athletes don’t fly in premium cabins. Unless they have a high-paying day gig and this is their hobby, in which case the expense is probably minor to them.

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