The Delta A321 Era Begins

Delta Air Lines is now an Airbus A321 operator. The first of 45 A321s is being flown home today in a 15-hour, 3-hop marathon from the Airbus assembly facility in Hamburg to Minneapolis for its induction; it will stop in Iceland and Canada en route. Eventually the aircraft will be based in Atlanta, mostly serving destinations in Florida such as Tampa, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers and Ft. Lauderdale.

The first Delta A321 is en route home from Hamburg
The first Delta A321 is en route home from Hamburg

Delta has done a pretty good job on its blog talking about the final inspection and delivery process leading up to the actual handover of the aircraft. There are a few posts which, once you scale down the forced drama – I’m quite certain that the contract signing was nothing like “a scene from a James Bond spy thriller” – tell the story well. If nothing else, a good reminder of just how much goes on behind the scenes before an aircraft ever gets to the gate for your flight.

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Seth Miller

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