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  1. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I write some of my passwords and security questions – that I’m not likely to recall – in a notebook at home. I figure if someone breaks into my house I’ve got bigger problems than worrying whether they’ll find the notebook and steal it.

    These security questions United has are pretty ridiculous, though they’re not alone in that I’m afraid. One time a site had just a few options for questions – things like city where you met your spouse, city where you went to high school, and city where you had your first job. Those 3 things all occurred in the same city for me. However the site wouldn’t accept my answers because it wouldn’t allow the same answer more than once! Good lord.

  2. Donald F
    Donald F at |

    For websites that only offer really difficult security questions, my answers include the question. For example, if the question is “What was the color of your high school mascot?” I take the most distinguished thing (the mascot) and provide an answer like in the form of – e.g. “lucky-mascot”. This ensures that I remember the answer and that United doesn’t have any hackable, useful information about me.

    1. Rrapynot
      Rrapynot at |

      The United system makes you pick your answer from a predefined drop down list.