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  1. Lack
    Lack at |

    I flown with them recently and they asked about this at check-in (they had banners for it as well). Didn’t get a special meal in the lounge (just regular buffet with a bunch of cold & hot options) and then only on board the crew double checked that I wanted to go to sleep and skip the meal. Left me wondering what was the intent for the idea…

  2. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    I’d imagine this is a net gain for all parties involved (and going further as you state would be even better), assuming AF doesn’t need to provision the aircraft with as much food (thus carrying less weight, etc.) It probably isn’t enough to be impactful, unless meals on the ground are less expensive than meals prepared for preparation and consumption in the air.

  3. Joey
    Joey at |

    I don’t know about BA but VS Clubhouse offers a restaurant style dining experience. You can order as many dishes as you wish but I wouldn’t call it a buffet. I’ve been to AF lounge in JFK and normally they just serve a hot/cold buffet. I agree with you that the earlier departures should also have something similar.