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  1. Efilon87
    Efilon87 at |

    I wonder if AA will counter with more 32Bs/777s, at least for LAX/SFO-BOS and LAX/SFO-MIA/FLL. My money is on “no” as they are already putting LUS 321/19s on LAA routes.

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I seem to remember flying another special product into markets like LAS or FLL… What was it called again? oh yeah, TED.

  3. Eric
    Eric at |

    Do you think it’s time for Jet Blue to start offering a lounge for Mint customers? Maybe tie some access/day passes to their premium credit card?

    Seems to me that’s the next logical step which would put it on par with the big 3 offerings.

  4. Arcanum
    Arcanum at |

    I’m predicting JetBlue and the new Alasgin will merge in the next 5 years. Their route networks would still mesh quite well.