Elite Airways and some exceptional new routes

Some interesting routes set to fly with Elite Airways
Some interesting routes set to fly with Elite Airways

Elite Airways has plenty of factors working against it as it launches scheduled charter service in several new markets. The aircraft it flies is one of the least comfortable in service today and the flight schedule is limited in both route coverage and frequencies. But I give the company credit for creativity as it tries to build up some revenue using its CRJ200 planes in a few very, very thin markets. Earlier this week the company announced a couple new routes and, well, they are special.

Some interesting routes set to fly with Elite Airways
Some interesting routes set to fly with Elite Airways

Long Island’s Islip airport will see new service added with trips going both north and south for travelers this summer. Beach bums can fly to Melbourne, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina while those looking to go north can fly from Islip to Portland, Maine with continuing service to Bar Harbor. The Bar Harbor flight will be the first commercial jet service in that airport’s history. The new Islip flights complement existing service between Newark and Vero Beach or Naples, Florida.

This is not the first scheduled charter service Elite has tried to launch. Three years back the company tried to connect it’s operating hub at Melbourne with Washington DC’s Dulles airport. That didn’t last (I honestly don’t know if it even started). In this case I’d bet the markets are stronger, but not by a lot.

It is good news for Islip as the airport attempts to remain relevant (and profitable) in a challenging market for small city facilities. And with National Airlines recently announcing it couldn’t source an airplane for its previously announced service at Islip this is a very positive turn of events.

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Seth Miller

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  1. The BHB service seems to be from Newark, as far as their booking system shows.

    Northern trips from NYC start from $100. Pretty much same price as DL, UA or B6.

  2. right now they are killing it on the MLB-PWM route adding a lot of flights and they are full or nearly so, of course this is seasonal

    1. Yes, TSA. No OTAs.

      Scheduled Charter is a separate classification defined by the FAA. It affects a number of passenger rights rules and other factors. Usually doesn’t matter, but there are differences.

  3. At least the latest incarnation of PeoplExpress, based out of PHF [Newport News, VA] made some routes that made some sense. [some of the routes out of PHF were previously flown by AirTran; WN abandoned PHF after AirTran folded]

    RFD-RNL???? Really?? On a CR2? Is part of the company comprised of stoners in Colorado??

    And APF-MLB??? Does this airline even know what yield management is???

    Independence Air had tried to stretch some CR2’s [and some A319] on really long routes.
    Look how long they lasted.

    Perhaps Elite Airlines is banking on “low” fuel prices as their means to survive.

    Sure some of the routes out of ISP, might work– beyond that, this airline looks like it’s cooking a recipe to hemorrhage cash.

    Thanks for the post, and the laugh, Seth. πŸ™‚

  4. The mlb-apf and vrb-apf portions are basically reposition and thru passenger segments. We’re not trying to generate traffic on a 100 mile segment with a regional jet. You’re way too negative with your comments.

    1. I understand that the short hops are for through passengers. The routes still don’t make a ton of sense to me, especially given relatively easy access to a more comfortable ride on other airlines with similar routes.

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