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  1. Mary
    Mary at |

    These are great routes but I am having trouble finding where I book?

  2. Lack
    Lack at |

    The BHB service seems to be from Newark, as far as their booking system shows.

    Northern trips from NYC start from $100. Pretty much same price as DL, UA or B6.

  3. ATC @MLB
    ATC @MLB at |

    right now they are killing it on the MLB-PWM route adding a lot of flights and they are full or nearly so, of course this is seasonal

  4. Ben
    Ben at |

    What is a scheduled charter flight? Does it fall under TSA, or not? Will they be on OTAs?

  5. Max M
    Max M at |

    At least the latest incarnation of PeoplExpress, based out of PHF [Newport News, VA] made some routes that made some sense. [some of the routes out of PHF were previously flown by AirTran; WN abandoned PHF after AirTran folded]

    RFD-RNL???? Really?? On a CR2? Is part of the company comprised of stoners in Colorado??

    And APF-MLB??? Does this airline even know what yield management is???

    Independence Air had tried to stretch some CR2’s [and some A319] on really long routes.
    Look how long they lasted.

    Perhaps Elite Airlines is banking on “low” fuel prices as their means to survive.

    Sure some of the routes out of ISP, might work– beyond that, this airline looks like it’s cooking a recipe to hemorrhage cash.

    Thanks for the post, and the laugh, Seth. 🙂

  6. Joseph M
    Joseph M at |

    Going to do an inaugural flight with them?

  7. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    The mlb-apf and vrb-apf portions are basically reposition and thru passenger segments. We’re not trying to generate traffic on a 100 mile segment with a regional jet. You’re way too negative with your comments.