United’s got Garrett’s (for a price)

Get some Garrett's popcorn on United flights; only $3.99/bag.

The Garrett popcorn shop is something of a mecca for passengers traveling through Chicago‘s O’hare airport, grabbing a snack for their next flight. United Airlines is making it easier for passengers to get that same taste starting today as it introduces the Garrett Mix as a snack option on board its flights. Passengers can now have the caramel and cheddar popcorn on board, though it does come with a $3.99 price tag for the 2.2oz bag.

Get some Garrett's popcorn on United flights; only $3.99/bag.
Get some Garrett’s popcorn on United flights; only $3.99/bag.

United is also launching a new snack box aimed at kids this month. The Ben Flyin’ snack box ($4.99) comes with a turkey stick, animal crackers, fruit snacks and apple sauce; no teddy bear, though. For the bigger kids on board United has a new seasonal beer offering, Illusive Traveler Grapefruit Shandy. I have all sorts of questions about how the company chose to name its brand and I dislike both grapefruit and shandies so clearly I’m not the target market for this on-board brew.

Always good to see new options on board and I’m mostly resigned to the fact that “stuff” on planes costs money now. Though I did enjoy my complimentary stroopwafel the other day in flight. And, while I can kvetch about the price tag this one doesn’t have all that much a mark-up compared to the retail cost, though that’s mostly because the stuff is expensive at the shop, too.

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