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  1. Adam Travis
    Adam Travis at |

    Do you think JetBlue is diluting the Mosaic benefits a little with these promotions? Part of me likes them because I think next year I might benefit from a promo like this, on the other hand I think I qualified 3 times over last year on points and flights. Now when I’m boarding flights to Austin or Dallas I’m getting elbowed out of the way by folks, some of whom don’t seem to know how to put their carry-on in the overhead bin, which doesn’t look like a frequent flyer. Like I said, I see it both ways, but right now I’m feeling a little under-valued after spending a lot of quality time flying JetBlue.

  2. Rasamee
    Rasamee at |

    I am trying to complete the challenge. Is this promo 2X base points or 3X base points. Thanks.

  3. Steve
    Steve at |

    If you’re not already Mosaic, how do you get to that status to start getting these opportunities?