Up to 9,500 free topbonus points from Air Berlin

Want some free Air Berlin TopBonus points? If you’ve got friends who you can convince to sign up for the program you can collect up to 9,500 between now and the end of July. The program is running a 2x bonus right now for new referrals, offering 1,000 points per new sign-up, starting with the second one secured during the promo period with a cap of 10 invitees per year per member.


The process is relatively simple. Just invite new members to join through the web form on the topbonus site. Once they activate their account – and opt in to receiving email offers to earn their first 500 points – you get the bonus points for referring them. Also, keep in mind that the company explicitly mentions it will kill accounts or forfeit the points in them if it suspects fraud:

topbonus reserves the right to exclude members as well as topbonus new customers from the offer when there is suspicion of misuse (such as multiple memberships, entering false data).

Still, with some decent discount vouchers available for redemption on the cheap (3,000 points for topdeal seats) or other ways to liquidate (travel/holiday vouchers are available for <9000 points) this jut might be worth pursuing for a few more free points. Assuming you have friends you can convince to sign up, of course.

Also, it is slightly amazing to me that these sorts of sign-up promos still of value to the programs. All customer acquisition comes with a cost, I know, but I’m surprised that the programs can justify the RoI in this sort of scenario. Then again, if the points expire unspent I suppose the real risk is low enough to not really matter anyways.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Thanks for this. Since you have shared this news, can you please refer me? I am yet to join this program, so this would be a good time to join.

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