Coach Confidential: Passenger rights gets a boost in EU, India

Last week was a good one for millions of passengers, as regulatory bodies stepped up consumer protections. The EU led the charge, issuing additional guidance on its famed EU261/2004 rules to clarify when travelers are entitled to care and compensation from airlines in the event of flight delays, overbookings or cancellations.

It is not surprising that airlines have tried to avoid paying out claims under the EU261 rules. In some cases carriers sought alternate interpretations of terms in the law such as “extraordinary circumstances”, or argued that delays suffered by passengers misconnecting to onward flights should be treated differently than single segment trips. The latest EU guidance is explicit in defining passengers’ rights in these circumstances, providing advice based on prior court rulings that have defined precedence in these areas.

Read more in this week’s Coach Confidential column on RGN.

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Seth Miller

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