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  1. David Huberman
    David Huberman at |

    Pax count at Dulles increased 7% year over year from Q3 to Q3. It’s filled with Y-fare government tickets. Shrinking it helps United make more money how?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Where are those pax going and does UA have the contracts? Remember that YCA fares are different from straight Y.

  2. David Conklin
    David Conklin at |

    The surveys don’t work as they don’t seem to listen to customers.

  3. sean
    sean at |

    Yours is the least doom & gloom of any I’ve read, but if I understand the rumors correctly, where unlike jetblue, united doesn’t plan on cutting prices introducing their new bundles, they just plan on cutting benefits at that lowest level. Jetblue took away bags, but increased perks for the additional fares. One was customer friendly, but I’m quite nervous about this.

  4. indy
    indy at |

    Is no news about Denver good or bad news?