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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    The bottled water to go is pretty ridiculous, especially if they continue to pass them out on board the plane after the meal service, which I’m sure will be the case.

    As for the chocolate with the pre-departure beverage, I’ve seen similar service on other airlines, such as a bag of nuts or other small snack with that service. The chocolate is a nice touch as a welcome amenity, and does close a small service gap that does exist between United and some of the competition today. It’s not a huge deal, but probably falls into that “small things add up” category.

    I am very glad to see a non-ice cream option on the dessert cart (sorry, I’m not European; I love cheese but don’t consider it “dessert”). Ice cream is great, but I don’t want it on every flight. Cake and/or pie is a great alternate choice.

  2. David Huberman
    David Huberman at |

    Good post. As a fat guy, I’m quite concerned about the seat width and the overall feeling of claustrophobia

    1. Andrew Fielding
      Andrew Fielding at |

      I’m smaller and worried,..it’s sad to see American carriers ignore such a large subset of the population.

  3. Adam
    Adam at |

    The elephant in the room that NOBODY is mentioning: the FAs on UA are still subpar across the board when compared to nearly every other developed nation’s airlines. Europe, ME, and Asia have got the US beat, hands-down. All this is lipstick on a pig…and I’ll let you decide if that’s tongue-in-cheek or a double entendre…when Gloria, the unionized FA who’s been “flying” for 40+ years and long ago lost any sense of give-a-shit or customer service, is now forced to offer turndown service or make bloody marys on-demand from a cart, or generally just try to offer a somewhat competitive product.

    So long as the US’ terrible carriers continue to preface ALL service with the overtly anti-customer-service “we are here primarily for your safety”, then no amount of hard product will compensate for the shoddy service you’ll ALWAYS receive on American carriers. When will a well-known blogger bring that up to United?

  4. Corey Terrell
    Corey Terrell at |

    Once again, United has failed to take advatange of the oppotunity to have David, Steven, and I test the new seats for quality.

  5. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    There’s still no love from the Brick.

  6. Connor
    Connor at |

    I’m with Adam. The old crabby FAs on UA’s premium long-haul routes never fail to disappoint.

    Overall I’m looking forward to trying it out though. Maybe they’ll surprise me ?

  7. Connor Carson Heim
    Connor Carson Heim at |

    Thanks for the recap Seth

  8. italdesign
    italdesign at |

    I also agree with @Adam. Human service will remain disgraceful unless they make drastic changes to the company culture.

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  10. Rami
    Rami at |

    Great review Seth. Agree with you 100%.
    Adam; I have met “Gloria” so many times. I was actually laughing out loud reading your comments.