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  1. Bill
    Bill at |

    I thought they were doing away with 2-4-2 business; I guess not.

  2. Sean
    Sean at |

    while the number of seats in economy will change, eventually all 777 retrofits will be 10 abreast in back, right? Thinking specifically about the ones with Polaris up front as they’re added next year etc.

  3. Matt
    Matt at |

    I’m guessing these birds are getting D checks as well as the re-config. That would explain the nearly 3 months it was in HKG?

  4. Pat+
    Pat+ at |

    Are they repurposing the PMUA IPTE seats? Somehow I thought they were putting in PMCO seats, but the PMUA config is the only one within the current fleet that would meet the 2-4-2 density requirement.

    Sucks in the back, but a notable improvement in the front. And a pretty efficient use of space — not so many moons ago, the high-density version of the 777 had an add 2-2-2 config in the front with domestic first class seats and huge aisles. Of course the lack of middle seats was nice, but it didn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Fake Oscar
    Fake Oscar at |

    Any idea which domestic routes they’ll go on?
    Also-are these horrendously configured planes capable of the long domestic routes like HNL-EWR/ORD or are they earlier 772’s that can’t make that long of a trip?

  6. Fake Oscar
    Fake Oscar at |

    Thanks. I’m sure glad these “enhancements” won’t affect East Coast to HI flying. That way we’ll only have to listen to folks from Chicago west complain!
    -Fake Oscar