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  1. Sam
    Sam at |

    United didn’t bribe so much as respond to the unethical demands of a key Port Authority individual. Nevertheless, the company shouldn’t have reinstated the flight.

  2. PSL
    PSL at |

    This may involve United Airlines, but getting away with corporate bribery is truly the American way. Wanna bet that the beneficiary of this Chairman’s Route, David Samson, does not spend a single day in prison despite pleading guilty to a felony count of bribery? Although I do wonder if the timing of his plea has any connection to Trump’s apparent decision not to choose longtime Samson buddy Chris Christie for the veep spot.

  3. Tony Reece
    Tony Reece at |

    Regardless of his motivation for doing so, the individual who broke the law should be the one to pay the price for his indiscretion.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Sure, but he did so on behalf of the company, for company gains and with the knowledge and cooperation of others at the company. I get that you cannot throw a company in jail but the fine is sufficiently small as to not be a reasonable deterrent towards future transgressions. And it is not a restitution of the gains realized by the illegal actions.

      That bothers me.

      1. gobluetwo
        gobluetwo at |

        Agree. While the individual should face some sort of consequence, criminal or otherwise, the organization for which the individual(s) worked is ultimately held accountable.

        In reference to David Samson, PANYNJ chairman who basically forced UA’s hand, he pleaded guilty to the bribery charges. His political career is over, and another reason why Christie (close friend and ally to Samson) isn’t Trump’s veep candidate. Ironic that Samson is also a former NJ Atty General. I guess NJ is at least as corrupt as my current state of residence, IL.

    2. Tony Reece
      Tony Reece at |

      Then, I was vicariously involved. That explains the bribery CBT I’m compelled to complete by the end of August.

      Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    3. Tony Reece
      Tony Reece at |

      I was involved in a legal issue during my brief period in airline management. I was informed that the company indemnified me as long as my actions did not reach beyond the limits of the law. In that case, I would be flying solo.

  4. Ozaer Najim
    Ozaer Najim at |

    Golden rule: ye who has the gold, makes the rules

  5. Joshua Sauberman
    Joshua Sauberman at |

    If United were a person, then this would count as #WhitePrivilege. I honestly don’t know why these guys were allowed to skate with a slap on the wrist.

  6. Sridhar Shankar
    Sridhar Shankar at |

    Loved the line “the company signed an agreement this week with federal prosecutors, agreeing to stop bribing people”. It does appear that they are getting off lightly. That said, I think Oscar appears to be the right person to take United forward.

  7. FreeTravelGuys
    FreeTravelGuys at |

    Hope you’re being sarcastic about not putting a company in jail. You can still criminally prosecute the individuals who did it, and they can go ahead and serve the time for the company’s trouble. Of course, no one will, because you know…white collar corporate America.

    And the way to stick it to a company is not by levying a flat fine. Hit them for 10% of all profits for 10 years and that practice will stop. Of course, congress and the SEC would never institute such a law because you know…white collar corporate America.

    The sad part is that we will all end up paying for the $2.5M, which will just get passed on to consumers.

  8. Sean M Ulvihill
    Sean M Ulvihill at |

    A certain people think they’re so much better than others and free of corruption. Reality is they are neither!

  9. Ross Gale
    Ross Gale at |

    Hilarious. So what’s the government gonna do with this penalty money? Use it to invest in aviation infrastructure, or can they like offset (forgive) my income tax for a few years pls? Nah, it will just be wasted. Lost in the porkroll.

  10. Mike Holovacs
    Mike Holovacs at |

    I wonder if anyone has told Jeffy-Poo that the Feds don’t like to knock during daylight hours. He will find that to be useful information.