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  1. Miquel Ros
    Miquel Ros at |

    At the very least security at IST was seriously compromised as a crowd broke through secure areas without any control

    1. Jessica Coane
      Jessica Coane at |

      The worst part is when we flew back home through IST a couple of weeks ago, there was still no military or much of a police force at the airport (note: I don’t know what, if any, security that had around the airport as I was transferring). This says so much…

    2. Roger Williams
      Roger Williams at |

      That’s disappointing for a major hub home to a very successful airline

    3. Jessica Coane
      Jessica Coane at |

      Roger Williams agreed.

  2. Blake Fisher
    Blake Fisher at |


  3. Mihika Pai
    Mihika Pai at |

    My parents are at the airport right now waiting to board a flight to Chicago. I’m wondering if they should come back to Mumbai or try to be put on a flight to another country from where they can catch a connection?

  4. Riaan George
    Riaan George at |

    Damn. My eldely aunt and uncle are stuck there
    Since morning. They were en route
    To ORD from BOM and landed into IST to this chaos
    And news. Theyve just been stranded at the airport.

    1. Mihika Pai
      Mihika Pai at |

      Hi Riu, I’ve also been talking to Seth 🙂

  5. Greg Motylenski
    Greg Motylenski at |


  6. Leith Stevens
    Leith Stevens at |

    So seems to include flights via third countries. So would LH operated IST-FRA-JFK be affected?

    1. Carl
      Carl at |

      I think LH would be OK. It’s not an aircraft coming from Turkey to USA, it will be an FRA originating flight.

    2. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      My read is that so long as it is not the same plane through it is okay. But I’m not 100% on that.

    3. John Walton
      John Walton at |

      It simply cannot mean “any airline that operates to Istanbul or Ankara”. Though I’m surprised it hasn’t been made clearer for the less precautious carriers around.

    4. Leith Stevens
      Leith Stevens at |

      I wasn’t thinking LH would be banned from flying to the US in my example, but that any ex-Turkey pax might be denied boarding to the US. I’d guess at the least there will be a lot more SSSS flying around these pax.

    5. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The SSSS on pax ex-Turkey was already a thing in many cases.

      Hard to tell if the concern is people, the aircraft or both.

      But just as LH wouldn’t be banned I cannot imagine pax flying ex-Turkey are simply blocked from coming to the USA at all.

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  8. Shane Martin
    Shane Martin at |

    flights via third country = “direct” flights right?

  9. onur
    onur at |

    I don’t see this on FAA NOTAM website

    1. onur
      onur at |

      Sorry I found it. Free Text search with the NOTAM number was the way to go.

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