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  1. Boston
    Boston at |

    How does it look to you in terms of how these suites compare to the JetBlue Mint suites? Is it the same manufacturer or suite type? The DL suites will also have memory foam. I know on the B6 suites the doors don’t go up that high maybe shoulder level or a bit less.

    It would also have been neat if DL placed these suites on the premium LAX/SFO/SEA east coast transcons similar to how JetBlue Mint is deployed on these routes.

  2. David Huberman
    David Huberman at |

    After so many months of trying to drive Delta to the lowest common denominator, here’s a change that makes them a leader. Mazel Tov, Delta!

    1. Margaret Ferris Kisala
      Margaret Ferris Kisala at |

      It’s a cubicle in the sky!

  3. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    Don’t really see the appeal of “doors” — normal c. 2016 business class if anything lacks human contact as it is, with the staggering of seats that allows flat beds at a density that works for the bean counters meaning you can rarely see more than a foot or an elbow of another passenger as it is. Interesting that when BA revamped their F class it was done in consultation with many of their biggest paying customers and there was no interest in more privacy, and I suspect BA fly more high value high profile premium pax than Delta, definitely more heads of state (I have personally seen a few presidents on BA jumbos out of JFK after a UN pow wow), mega stars (McCartney et al). “Delta One” is a good product but putting a few “doors” on it doesn’t enhance it at all, (except among cheapskates who won’t pay for true F class on SQ or EK).

    1. David Huberman
      David Huberman at |

      Huh? You think the new A350 J product is not an improvement over the herringbone tightness that exists today? You think people who don’t buy true F tickets for tens of thousands of dollars are cheapskates?

    2. Charles Kennedy
      Charles Kennedy at |

      David Huberman I don’t know if it’s an improvement or not — no one does — but if it is, these “doors” aren’t why; and if for some pax they are, it’s probably because it allows them to pretend they’re flying SQ Suites without paying the big bucks

  4. Reid Fishler
    Reid Fishler at |

    so Uh, j is the new f, y+ is the new j. Wow, things are cyclical.

  5. Phil
    Phil at |

    Any idea which routes the 350 will fly?