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  1. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    Is browsing Beijing-sanctioned material (like 1989 TSq or Tibet etc) be allowed over China air space ?

  2. Corey Terrell
    Corey Terrell at |

    Did they discuss any terms? China has some data policies in place where companies must provide details to the government for some Internet-related activities. While usage in the air would most likely not be going through Chinese-owned infrastructure, I’m interested to know if they made any sort of requirements to get the licenses.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The terms are not detailed and I know about the requirements on the ground for what happens with infrastructure. My understanding (though I’m not 100% certain) is that when flying over China non-Chinese carriers are treated as though they are in China and traffic passes through a teleport on the ground in China, and presumable the Great Firewall from there. For China-flagged airlines all traffic for the duration of the flight must be routed back so that it passes through that same infrastructure, even if the satellite teleport is elsewhere.

      Some pretty impressive network engineering involved to make it all happen.

    2. Corey Terrell
      Corey Terrell at |

      I suppose that introduces all sorts of wildass latency but it may not make that much of a real difference given the nature of satellite-based connectivity in the first place.

  3. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    I am really impressed if they got the Central Committee to waive the Great Firewall and internet licensing whilst in their airspace.

  4. Greg Guenther
    Greg Guenther at |

    Super cool

  5. Chris Rauschnot
    Chris Rauschnot at |

    I wish Air Canada’s 777s that flew to and from China had WiFi in June.