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  1. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    If Gary Kelly gets outsed I am 99% confident employees will regret this 2-3 years down the road.

    There is no CEO in the US airline industry that has the employee equation of the scales weighted that much vs shareholders. Oscar at UA is probably the next closest.

    Also I am sure WN wished they had IROPs agreement in place with other airlines when their systems melted down.

  2. Nick
    Nick at |

    What ancillary revenue is there to collect? The booking engine has some shortcoming but a major differentiation for Southwest and what so many people like about them is that there are no gotcha fees after you buy the ticket. Not sure they want to be so quick to change that, despite pressures from Wall Street.

  3. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    I have several pilot buddies at SWA…according to them, the “Kumbaya” songs around the fireplace days are totally over. No contract since 2012 and the natives are restless. Those who were around when the feel good days of Herb Kelleher and others have retired or in the minority. Showtime boys and girls!