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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    On your last question, the Form 8-K with the termination agreement is due to be filed w/the SEC w/in 4 business days.

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    Great, so now he can destroy what’s left of UA’s FF program, too.

    1. Tony
      Tony at |

      what exactly is it about mileage plus that is superior to aadvantage? just curious, seeing how UA went revenue based long before AA. At least partner flights on AA count towards elite qualifying dollars. Only UA metal counts on UA.

      1. AnonCHI
        AnonCHI at |

        UA at least has tons of availability. AA availability is awful.

        1. DaveS
          DaveS at |

          I’ll second that! Out of my airport, I sometimes see months at a time with very little availability to an American hub, while United, if not wide open, at least has quite a few options each month. It’s to the point where booking AAdvantage basically means a positioning flight or a five-hour drive for me.

          It may be dependent on what routes you want, but I find myself spending Mileage Plus miles as fast as I can accumulate them, while AAdvantage miles build up a balance that I tap into now and then.

  3. Greg
    Greg at |

    The AA mgmt team has no employment contracts and no noncompetes. Only a provision for settlement if there’s a change in control of the company

    1. Better By Design
      Better By Design at |

      I read the same thing – which seems bizarre to me, but I can’t say I know what’s “normal” in the pax airline industry these days.

  4. Darth Chocolate
    Darth Chocolate at |

    The main problem with UA’s FF program is that you probably have to fly UA.

    (Yeah, I know you can use partners, but that’s besides the points.)

  5. George
    George at |

    Non-competes are not enforceable if you terminate the employee, so it’s looking more like AA’s press release is accurate.

  6. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Who needs a non-compete when United is just copying Delta, and American is just copying the two of them? That’s my attempt at tongue in cheek… but, it is a very interesting development.

  7. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Sounds kind of like one of those baseball deals where one team trades away for little or nothing a player with a high salary who no longer fits in their plans, just to get him off the payroll.

    1. muerl
      muerl at |

      Will united take Pablo then?

  8. Rui N.
    Rui N. at |

    Just to let you know that you’ve been featured in a Portuguese newspaper 😀