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  1. Cynthia Drescher
    Cynthia Drescher at |

    I couldn’t do AYCJ because some of my Jaunted contribs were doing it & I stayed behind to do my job of posting their dispatches, but some of the AYCJ strangers I interviewed and met at airport events those years are still friends!

  2. Jim Pirigyi
    Jim Pirigyi at |

    That 30 minute wait for ice cream would be considered a short wait at one place here in Shanghai.

  3. Alicia Allen-Marquet
    Alicia Allen-Marquet at |

    “Then your friend Seth turned up at our hotel with beer and liquor, total life of the party. Had a really great time practicing our Hebrew with him, although he said he’s a little out of practice.” ?????

  4. Luke Fritz
    Luke Fritz at |

    @JetBlue – This was incredible and so appreciated, Seth. Thank you so much for coming and for being such a wonderful friend to us.

  5. Jason
    Jason at |

    Pretty cool. I’m always hoping to meet someone passionate about air travel while I’m flying, but I don’t really put myself out there.

    Also, Salt & Straw would be worth a 30 minute wait, but you have to order the right flavor. Give olive oil a shot.

  6. Morgan Johnston
    Morgan Johnston at |

    Such an amazing community