JetBlue celebrates NYC’s soundtrack

JetBlue has a new plan to help share some New York City culture with others: The company is now exporting NYC’s street musicians in partnership with VH1. Yes, I’m being moderately snarky there, but the program, part of the Save the Music campaign VH1 runs, is actually a really cool effort to increase funding for musical education in schools, part of creating well-rounded students. Over the past decade the airline has helped raise $200,000 for the program and those efforts continue this year with a charity auction, mostly including JetBlue tickets plus access to concerts or sporting events.

But about the music export thing. JetBlue identified three local buskers in New York and agreed to sponsor them with a year-long all-you-can-fly pass. The goal is to help musicians share their art more broadly and the stories behind it (as shown in the video) are interesting. JetBlue is no stranger to live music, hosting performances in its JFK T5 flagship terminal on a regular basis. This time around rather than hosting locals at the airport they’re sending the music out as a calling card. I’m a fan.

Also, for another great take on the background sounds of New York City from an underappreciated movie and a spectacular actor, this is worth five minutes of your day:

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Seth Miller

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