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  1. JA
    JA at |

    I’m in for a pair. Thanks.

  2. FreeTravelGuys
    FreeTravelGuys at |

    This is how everything and everyone operates in Cuba. Likely there was no allowance either and they were just stolen. Everyone (and I mean everyone) steals at their job in Cuba an resells in the black market. Currently have a friend visiting who described how she pays a commission to the power company guy to rig her meter so she only pays a fraction of the cost, and got caught once by 3 inspectors and just bribed the inspectors. I don’t visit Cuba for personal reasons, but if I did I’d much rather buy this way than just giving the money to the government, so kudos to you.

  3. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    Felony Cohibas. Love it.

  4. Benjamin Granucci
    Benjamin Granucci at |

    haha only you would buy cigars that you don’t smoke. Great read.

  5. Bryanska
    Bryanska at |

    Having worked in cigars, I’ve seen truly terrible bundles of discard tobacco sold this way. You have no assurance of quality in many aspects that make a Cuban cigar great. I’ve smoked some truly awful Cuban sourced cigars: whether inconsistent in construction, blend or leaf quality. You may have purchased floor cuttings. I’d bite in this deal if I could pocket cigars from the floor and knew which brand they were. Otherwise, I would expect these to be a total crap shoot. Still, a fun adventure and if one doesn’t smoke right, toss it and light another. Still a good time.

  6. SC
    SC at |

    Would love to try some! Thanks

  7. Ben Y
    Ben Y at |

    Would try some too, Lucky!

    I’ve been waiting to try a real Cuban.

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