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  1. jsocpa
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    City of MIami Beach has also implemented very steep fines. It is illegal to rent your home/apt for less than six months in most of Miami Beach.

  2. Elizabeth Houck
    Elizabeth Houck at |

    As a landlord, I can honestly say, I gave 60 days notice to a tenant for renting out the house on Airbnb. Upstanding citizen as she was she was gone in 3 and stiffed me on the rent.

    First, I have four provisions in the lease about habitability, number of occupants, sub-leasing, and guests. Second, but most important, MY HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE DOESN’T COVER/ALLOW IT! Third, if I rent to you and one other, what gives you the right to rent it to ‘up to 8 people’ on Airbnb? A 2/1 in Silicon Valley for up to 8 people no #ucking way. Not the wear and tear, not the liability, and not the character of the neighborhood. Nor would I do this to owner-occupied neighbors as it changes the character of the neighborhood. Not to mention who does this behind their landlord’s back?? They have entrusted you with a valuable asset and you just took advantage of it. Now my leases have a No Airbnb/VRBO/short-term sublease clause. Not okay, not ever. IMHO 😉

  3. Liz H
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    These are not the best comparisons. Individuals do NOT own their own homes in Singapore. The vast majority of the population live in residential rental properties assigned by the government. Residents are matched to their homes through a complex government system, and only permitted to move when they meet certain criteria. That being said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are harsh penalties for subletting through AirBNB. This is a very different government structure from the US, and their housing policy and penalties demonstrate that.

  4. Francesco
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    Good piece. Seems a lot like the TAXI mafi-err, “lobby” vs. @Uber. @Airbnb

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  6. Oliver2002
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    If your lease says no subletting, then that’s a contract you signed and agreed to.
    Strange that owners/renters of such properties put ads on AirBnB, that’s plain stupid.

  7. Karin
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    I own my home and live in it, and I rent a spare room on Airbnb., and I still have issues with the local government here in Pennsylvania. It’s my home and homesharing should be my right.