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  1. Sean M Ulvihill
    Sean M Ulvihill at |

    It’s brilliant!

  2. Roland Culé
    Roland Culé at |

    Do they not care about receiving debit memos ?

    1. Will
      Will at |

      Why would they receive a debit memo? Pax was a no-show for the return… travel agent can’t control that. Though, if airline knew they were selling it this way it might be an issue, but it’d probably be a breach of contract issue rather than debit memo

  3. Will Maxwell-Steele
    Will Maxwell-Steele at |

    Which OTA? 😮

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      kiwi . com (also mentioned in the post :p)

    2. Will Maxwell-Steele
      Will Maxwell-Steele at |

      haha sorry, missed the link. Kiwi.com were formally Skypicker – their model is basically multi-ticket bookings, and they’re not always very clear about that either. I saw one ticket that would’ve ended up being AKL-SYD & SYD-DXB-LHR, it had an 8-9 hour layover in SYD. Didn’t tell you very clearly it was a sep ticket, so not sure what would’ve happened if someone who needed a visa to enter AU took that flight with say, checked bags they had to claim and check again (outside customs)! QF probably could’ve handled it, but different airlines may have been an issue.

  4. Scott Carmichael
    Scott Carmichael at |

    Good marketing too, being targeted by them right under your post…

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  6. Mark
    Mark at |

    I enjoy debit memos.

  7. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    A little sketchy, but you ultimately got home no problem, right? Sounds like a win and all that matters if you actually got the ticket at that price.

  8. Brian Jones
    Brian Jones at |

    Excellent post, just shows bargains can be had but you need to check the small print and be cautious.

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