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  1. Idir Aitsahalia
    Idir Aitsahalia at |

    No 747-8? Sad 🙁

  2. DavidB
    DavidB at |

    This order has been talked about since the embargo and sanctions were lifted by the US, particularly after the Europeans (read the French) got there first with a similar huge order of Airbus planes. Trump’s pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal would kill this order from the US’s largest single exporting company (at a time the new president wants to increase US exports and reduce the trade deficit). Not to mention repatriating some of the hundred million dollars he complained Iran was getting from signing the deal (actually Iran’s own US$s held captive in US and European banks as part of the sanctions campaign). So financing may not be the issue you make it.

    More to the point is how these planes would be deployed. As you point out, it is doubtful the industry could support yet another Gulf state transit airline (along with TK) having global aspirations, about the only logical way of sustaining operations of so many wide bodies from the two suppliers. The model, originated by KLM and copied by SQ and CX in the Far East (small population countries hosting global scale airlines dependent upon transit customers) has pretty much run its course…witness how QR has been forced into heavily discounting business class to fill the front cabin on many 2nd and 3rd tier routes to/from Europe, Africa and Asia.

  3. Luke Vader
    Luke Vader at |

    Trump should insist Iran use the new Boeings to fly daily routes between Tehran and Taipei (and Tehran to Tibet). Keep China on its toes. 😉

    I’m fine if the Boeing deal goes through, as long as U.S. companies and taxpayers don’t have to carry any of the loans/financing. Having additional major Middle East airline competition (to Emirates/Etihad/Qatar) can only help consumers, right?

  4. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    I said the same thing on twitter. Trump will block this deal I am sure of it too. If he does then how is going to make a America great again as he promised so often. Looks like he will make more people unemployed than ever

  5. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    You know, we sold some C-130’s to Libya decades ago (and they were actually paid for). They are still sitting at the end of the Dobbins Air Force base runway in Atlanta.

  6. Yubin
    Yubin at |

    Boeings not dumb
    They’re going to ream these airlines and if Trump sides with them on the jobs issue
    Hes going to let things fly
    They didn’t really get a discount if you look at other costs but Iran not gonna care much other than if they can generate revenue over time, which they would need 7 years to stabilize th eir income and the oil network is already getting built and producing for them and oh can’t forget them subs in Germany with Iran and israel lol