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  1. dan
    dan at |

    Dispensing with niceties, this just seems like a crappy idea based entirely on Tesla’s brand image. You know what would be more comfortable than a 100K Tesla, a 45K Honda Minivan. You would have leather seats, a huge amount of leg room and plenty of room for baggage.

    I frequently run into this mindset traveling with a group of four adults. People want the 3 Series or the Audi A4. Nope, if I’m going to be in the back I will take an Accord or Camry over a 3 series any day of the week. And if we have more than four adults give me a Minivan (or the Buick Enclave that National seems to have at all stations). Dorky as hell but a whole lot better than squeezing adults in the third row of a SUV.

  2. phoenix
    phoenix at |

    Now if I could *drive* said Tesla for a reasonable fee…..

    Oh wait, that’s the same as renting the dang thing, never mind.

  3. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    Looks to me like a 4 seat car to me and the boot must be tiny to fit 6 seats