DLD 124: Too hot to handle

We’ve got an hour of post-Thanksgiving goodness lined up for you today, including discussions of United’s new Basic Economy product and potential ATC reform and other infrastructure project coming in the year ahead.


  • Las Vegas is hot. Especially in the summer. And Norwegian cannot handle that heat, choosing to suspend its Vegas flights next summer
  • A late addition to the show, Minneapolis gets an award for best airport bathrooms and Stephan and Seth have some fun with that.


  • Seattle-Cologne and Dublin-Miami are two new lines coming next summer, belying the common refrain we’ve heard that the market needs to shrink to support the airlines flying across the Atlantic


Also, a special mini-episode in this week featuring Erik Paquet from Abroaders talking about an effort to help get more folks home for the holidays. We encourage our listeners to donate to the cause or help out in any other way they can.

More links from the show:

Abroaders Home for the Holidays Program

MSP Bathroom:


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Seth Miller

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