DLD 126: The divorce is final; what about the kids?

The Delta/Alaska Airlines divorce is final as Alaska secures its future with Virgin America. What does that mean for passengers? Plus Mexico City, Abu Dhabi and Denver all make the show this time around.


  • Mexico City is this week’s hot spot, with discussion about the Delta/Aeromexico joint venture and some Mexicana chatter, for old times’ sake. Also, after we recorded the two airlines agreed to the slot divestiture requirements.


  • Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt headlines the conversation as Lufthansa and Etihad announced a code share arrangement on that route. Also, Etihad is in all sorts of trouble and may be seeing major changes soon.


  • Seattle is the talk of the day, but not as a tourism spot. The Virgin America/Alaska Airlines merger closed and we’ve got a few opinions about how the new earning and redemption options square up, including the end of the Alaska/Delta “partnership” in May 2017.

Also, Frontier got pummeled in Denver during a snow storm, Fozz visited the new Polaris lounge in Chicago and lots more. Enjoy the show!

And the Library of Congress archive of Wright Brothers photos that Seth mentions early in the episode. Some really cool stuff in there.




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Seth Miller

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