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  1. David Fisher
    David Fisher at |

    Yikes. I think I’ll hold off plans to fly on one of these babies.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I do not think they’re an inherently bad plane to fly and I’m still annoyed I didn’t get the chance earlier this year when I flew Interjet. The bigger challenge comes from the mixed messages about what’s happened and what the solution will be and when it will be completed.

    2. Stephen Trimble
      Stephen Trimble at |

      The structural history of the 737 gives more cause for alarm, in my opinion. The Russians build their planes like tanks, by comparison. I think this will blow over.

    3. David Fisher
      David Fisher at |

      Seth Miller You flew Interjet without me? I feel cheated. 😉

  2. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    The western airlines just don’t trust Russian designs if they did then Superjet would have sold hundreds of jets. But of course they are just competing with Airbus and Boeing who will do anything to protect there market share. They will not sell anymore jets to the west and only the Russians and Chinese will buy them that is they don’t Air bus instead which wouldn’t surprise me

  3. Addison Schonland
    Addison Schonland at |

    What Mr Trimble said