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  1. Poley King
    Poley King at |

    I figured DOT is a pushover.

  2. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    Not a good deal for anyone…but NAI!

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      While I’m not at all surprised this is your position I am inclined to disagree. It looks mighty good for consumers in the north-eastern United States. for Boeing and for many US-based airlines that depend on the enforcement of international treaties to facilitate their operations on a global stage.

      Selective enforcement based on fear-mongering is a much greater threat to the global economic position than allowing competition.

    2. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      Seth, lets not go there. The US is among the most protectionist regime in the world, even with their so-called Open Skies treaties. They apply completely unilateral interpretations to “substantial ownership and effective control”, “market dominance” and “ICAO compliant safety standards”, usually tinged by political concerns. The US has been selectively enforcing their policies to their own advantage since time immemorial.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Sean I mostly agree with you. I’m suggesting that the US stop doing that. Finally approving the NAI application years after it should have been is a step in the right direction, albeit a small one.

    4. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      The horse has already bolted. The Bush administration’s decision to grant ATI to the various alliance JVs in the 2000s basically ensured that the US will never be able to comply with their own treaty obligations under the standard Open Skies agreement. But the countries who lose out don’t have the political clout to object, so they get away with it.

      Revoke the ATI for the various alliances and standardize on ICAO safety standards if you really want to see competition.

    5. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I think that you’ll find I’m not an unabashed supporter of the ATIs, either.

  3. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    And soon DY’s US pilots will apply for membership in ALPA … 😉

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