Earn TrueBlue points for Amazon shopping, plus more in-flight internet

Want points for your Amazon.com shopping? Such partnerships are rare and often fleeting but JetBlue and the online retailer have teamed up to offer points earning for TrueBlue members. The deal is part of a larger partnership renewal between the two companies and offers lots of good news for consumers.

On the points earning side TrueBlue members who use the custom link on the JetBlue site will earn 3 points for every dollar spent, excluding taxes, shipping and the usual suspects of product categories like booze, apps and fresh food deliveries. Consistent with the Amazon affiliate program process your browser must have cookies enabled and the purchases must be completed within 24 hours of clicking over from JetBlue to Amazon. Points are credited up to 60 days after the purchase takes place.

Beyond the points earning, JetBlue used the announcement this week to confirm that it will complete the installation of its Fly-Fi in-flight internet solution across the fleet by the end of the year. There are currently a handful of Embraer E190s remaining to be fitted with the kit. Moreover, the offering will remain complimentary for travelers thanks to Amazon. When JetBlue announced its free connectivity – including streaming video – deal some 18 months ago it was an industry first. This renewal of the partnership bodes well for travelers as it indicates connectivity will remain complimentary for the foreseeable future. Access to the free Fly-Fi may require signing up for a TrueBlue account, something the company teased as an option last year as well. Currently the free connectivity simply requires inputting an email address. Even if membership in the TrueBlue program is required that’s a relatively trivial burden for travelers.

Amazon and TrueBlue are deepening their partnership on the FlyFi in-flight internet service offering for JetBlue
Amazon and TrueBlue are deepening their partnership on the FlyFi in-flight internet service offering for JetBlue

When Fly-Fi launched it was a free service. That was initially attributed to it being in beta testing where the company wanted higher usage rates to benchmark the performance. It quickly became clear that keeping it free would be a useful marketing and customer satisfaction angle for the carrier. And key to keeping it free is having a sponsor to foot the bill. This is the essence of what some call a “multi-payer model” where costs are shared by various parties rather than the consumer paying the way. Other connectivity vendors have talked extensively about shifting to such an arrangement (Gogo has spoken the most about it of late) but none have built up an arrangement quite as solid as the JetBlue/Amazon partnership. Fortunately for JetBlue customers that arrangement appears to be strengthening with the new points-for-shopping deal.

Really good news on all fronts.

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  1. Nice! Just made my first purchase with the new JetBlue Amazon link.

    It’s also quite possible to double or triple dip with points in multiple programs for this purchase by using the UA MileagePlus X app to buy an Amazon gift card, and then using the JetBlue link to place an order on Amazon. I just made a purchase using my Delta SkyMiles Reserve Amex to buy an Amazon gift card in MileagePlus X, then used the JetBlue referral link to Amazon to place an order. That purchase just earned me miles and points in three different airline programs.

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