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  1. Bevan Webber
    Bevan Webber at |

    American introduces Platinum Pro to shaft all their AA lifetime Platinum members, unless there is another reason.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Seems like monetization is growing all around I guess. I wonder if the airlines feel that the risk of alienating the real road warriors is mitigated to some extent by the consolidation in the industry? Fewer alternative choices to turn to especially as they tend to mimic one another.

  3. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    I’m not surprised by this move. Why give away something people earned when you can charge an egregious amount for it. Since most of these people flew the the required amount to qualify, I could see an offer closer to the $499 price point…and actually not be offended…since the Plat PRO level wasn’t part of the 2016 qualifying year. But the $1,500+ offers are ridiculous. I think only a very small amount of travelers who would have otherwise bought 500-mile upgrades would make benefit at that price point.

  4. Pizzaman
    Pizzaman at |

    These numbers certainly could make sense for a road warrior, especially since American charges for status matches. They even may work for occasional travelers like my dad. He got a $1,099 offer for Plat Pro and is seriously considering it. I think he can probably squeeze enough value out of it to make it worth his while.

    He was roughly in the same boat as you, trying for Plat Pro last year. He’s not upset they’re selling it. However, I do think it was a bad idea for AA not to offer it based on 2016 activity. They already got rid of soft landings, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I’ll be insanely interested to see what happens during the next economic downturn. I wonder if an extension of better benefits will increase loyalty again. Right now, I’m much more of a free agent than I’ve ever been.

  5. David Burdick
    David Burdick at |

    I’d like to know if you could split tender (two credit cards for payment) this and how it would be coded. Meaning if you had say the Citi Prestige and the new Chase 100K card you might be able to use all your 2017 travel credits in one transaction and offset most of the out of pocket for this. Don’t get me wrong, your still paying and I agree I would not pull the trigger on a more expensive offer put $800-$900 is tempting.

  6. dale m
    dale m at |

    Another data point – my “offer” received just the other day was $1750 (!)

    As a current plat level for 2017 and the last 4-5 years, that seems insulting, especially after hearing that others are getting offers for half that amount … I’d have never bitten anyway, but now it really gives me pause. I’ve often justified chasing the status thing when others ask as an opportunity to take as much advantage as possible (put less generously, a poke in the eye) of a company that is VERY inconsistent in its treatment of regular customers.

    Even paying for the occasional standby and better seat selection, it doesn’t require an economics degree to conclude you’ll come out ahead paying for a decent – indeed, better – meal in airports these days rather than chasing the lounges via status.

    So has AA incentivized me with this offer? Yep, in a fashion.

  7. FEV7
    FEV7 at |

    If you buy the PP status, at least you avoid the Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQD) requirement. I would not make the EQD requirement for PP, This may be my only opportunity to have PP status.
    Just a thought …

  8. Joe
    Joe at |

    Seems to be a devaluation of both Executive Platinum and Lifetime Platinum. As a holder of both, am seriously considering going back to United or Delta.

    1. Derek
      Derek at |

      As an Executive Platinum and Lifetime Platinum, I made a plea to customer service to not implement these corrosive policies, multiple times over the last few years. I told them there are many of us who choose to fly for business (and to do it on AA), but that choice could change. Well, it did “change” for me and other elites I know…

  9. Tom Fox
    Tom Fox at |

    Given what it’s worth and what it costs I can’t imagine too many takers. Now of course there is always the crowd that likes to do the equivalent of ‘light their money on fire’… they’ll love this offer.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      And I’ve already seen a few bragging online about doing exactly that. Oy.

  10. wikkit
    wikkit at |

    I think my Plat Pro offer is winning: $1949.

    I qualified for exec plat in ’16 via a free targeted 35k EQM challenge, and flew enough to get to Plat in ’17. The idea that I’d pay nearly $2k to go up one status is nuts.

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