The worst seat in the British Airways fleet

Lots of empty seats on board so I had the back half of the plane to myself
Lots of empty seats on board so I had the back half of the plane to myself

On my recent flight from Berlin to Heathrow I was mostly focused on taste-testing the new British Airways buy-on-board menu (spoiler alert: surprisingly good). I happened to be seated way in the back of the A319, at row 22. Typically I don’t go back that far but the flight was mostly empty and I wanted some room and quiet. Plus, sitting behind the wing makes for great views while flying.

I know the cabin layout isn’t particularly new but it has been a couple years since I was seated in economy on the type so this was the first time I’ve actually been to the back of the BA A319. My seat was fine, particularly with no one else within 6 rows of my seat. In that context I got exactly what I was looking for on board. But across the aisle was a scary, scary sight: Seats 25 A & B.

Seats 25 A&B on the British Airways A319. Simply awful.
Seats 25 A&B on the British Airways A319. Simply awful.

No recline. No window. Same shoddy legroom as the rest of the plane. And the fuselage begins to taper at the back there, leaving passengers even more tightly squeezed. On the plus side, only two seats there instead of the typical three. But also directly across from the lavatory. It reminds me of the infamous “stink shield” story of seat 29E.

Of course, British Airways is not alone in offering up such unfortunate seating options. Lufthansa’s A320 retrofit – along with its brand new A320neo aircraft – includes the new Space-Flex v2 galley/lavatory layout that also offers a windowless last row with narrower seats and no overhead bins.

And I’m sure the time will come that I’m stuck sitting in one of those tiny, cramped, window seats with no view. Just hopefully not too soon. Because that will really, really suck.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Luke Fritz This is the seat that led my father to exclaim thaf “British sucks!” and to stand by that claim for many years. To make matters worse his tray table was broken.

  2. I see on the Boeing 737-800 there is a row of seats which also have no window. I was put in that row once on a Virgin Australia flight. I wasn’t impressed

  3. I just got 1 of those seats but on emirates going from Cairo to dubai it was row 49 of 50 lol.
    Flying 150 to 200,000 miles a year and having Excutive platium with American and lifetime gold with united it was a shock
    All in all for 3 hours it could have been worst – I had a window lol

    1. So, not the last row and still with a window. Not nearly as bad as these seats on the BA A319.

  4. No window? Perfect for the American travelers who seemingly prefer to fly with the shades down at any given time of the day to any given destination.

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